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The potential of utilizing new technologies within the educational community unveils a realm of boundless possibilities, fostering creativity and learning to shape curriculum-aligned ideas. This approach strengthens individuals' capabilities, promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency.

We will focus on unraveling the essentials for implementing STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) through the integration of new technologies. The emergence of digital fabrication, accessible 3D printing, and maker culture introduces the challenge of harnessing new technologies to support teaching and learning activities, enabling knowledge acquisition and the development of organizational and creative skills in the classroom.


Embrace the challenge of leveraging digital fabrication, accessible 3D printing, and maker culture to bolster teaching and learning methods for knowledge acquisition and the cultivation of organizational and creative competencies in educational settings.

Training educators within educational institutions in profiles that merge design and digital fabrication technologies will contribute to:

  • Adapting 3D printing to cater to specific classroom needs in alignment with the curriculum.

  • Implementing methodological shifts anchored in student-centered, participatory learning.


  • Introducing and utilizing design for object fabrication.


  • Enhancing technical proficiency in operating 3D printing machinery.


  • Refining problem-solving skills.

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