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Our courses.

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What is a FabLab?

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Contact us.

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What can you doin FabLab Cuenca?

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You can sign up atopen dayswhat we do forthe afternoons of the last Friday of each month,where we do demonstrations, hold exhibitions and show the FabLab Cuenca space.

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These are some

of the latest projects that FabLab Cuenca has developed or participated in



FabLab Cuenca begins with the European project "WeRepair", the first collaborative object repair workshop in Cuenca.

The project was born inspired by the international movement of "Repair Cafés". In these spaces the main objective is to repair things together.

During the sessions organized for WeRepair, FabLab Cuenca makes available to the participants, free of charge, the tools and materials available to repair all kinds of everyday objects, such as electrical appliances, toys or clothing. As well as a group of volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to repair all kinds of objects.

Participants can also come and help others with their problem or simply attend to learn new techniques and processes.

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969 873 440  ·  640 336 354  ·
C/ Julio Larrañaga, nº6 - 16004 Cuenca (Spain)

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