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Digital innovation for the circular economy

and applications in ecodesign.

The program aims to train participants through a practical itinerary to learn how to use digital manufacturing applied to product design with recycled plastic.

We especially encourage people from rural areas, where solutions against depopulation can be provided through the entrepreneurial resources linked to the circular economy that we have developed.

We will provide support through the Itinerant FabLab to the first ambassadors of Precious Plastic Castilla - La Mancha so that they can develop their own project or business idea in their locality.

The “Precious plastic CLM” social program is based on the idea of transforming local businesses and tourist agents in our region into benchmark spaces for the circular economy, promoting the culture of reusing and recycling.plastic and aluminum developing a competitive improvement.

Precious plastic CLM is part of the global network of and we collaborate with the initiative by proposing informational and educational programs in order to reduce the demand for new virgin plastic and closing its materials loop while creating better livelihoods for people in everyone. From FabLab Cuenca we propose the creation of a digital innovation program based on FabLab techniques (digital manufacturing) for the circular economy and ecodesign aimed at recycling, revalorizing and reusing plastic, applying new technologies. This is a pioneering technological literacy program to repurpus plastic and aluminum waste and packaging.

Precious Plastic CLM aims to promote the creation of entrepreneurship initiatives associated with a FabLab in the area of the Serrania and Manchuela of Cuenca, in the form of local recycling centres and the fabrication of recycled plastic objects, which meet the production needs of the region manufacturing everyday or structural objects that favorize circular economy.


FabLab Cuenca launched this program with the help of the General board of executive of Circular Economy in Castilla-La Mancha. The project has been selected to be financed with funds for the implementation of a circular economy in the field of tourism. Precious plastic CLM is in an initial strategic collaboration with ADIMAN and PRODESE, both associations oversee the development and promotion of the areas and residents of La Manchuela and the Serrania of Cuenca.

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